Clowning, legitimate theater conventions, basic mime, pantomime, no-contact stage combat, script scoring, role scoring, group scenes, monologues, basic vocal technique, diction, production fundamentals, basic sets lights and sound, production technique completing a one act play, the basics of the Stanislavski system (Moore) including super objective, objective, obstacle, conscious way to the subconscious, action, the application of the system to an actor’s daily job, advanced vocal technique, advanced physical work for the actor, and basic script writing.



Theatre Specific

-Ritual, Theatre, and Performance

-Acting and Directing for the Camera

-Theatre and the Politics of Action

-Acting I

-Fundamentals of Performance Design


-Tanz Theatre

-Feminist Performance

-Performance Away: London (Class taught in London

-Shakespeare in London (Class taught in London)

-The Avant-Garde

-Writing for Performance

-The Acting Profession

-Introduction to Shakespeare

-Realisms and Anti-Realisms

-Contemporary Performance

Journalism Specific

-The Podcast

-Introduction to Journalism

-Radio Journalism

-Magazine Writing

-Stories of Sport

-Literary Journalism of the Outdoors

Other Classes of Note

-Elementary German I

-Elementary German II

-American Sport and Society

-Introduction to the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity

-Probability and Statistics

-Roman Sport and Entertainment

-Introduction to Psychology